Current Weather Conditions at
Bird Studies Canada Headquarters,
Port Rowan ON

As of: 20/12/14 11:30a

Temperature: -0.8°C Dewpoint: -5.2°C
Humidity: 72% Wind Chill: -2.4°C
Wind: SW at 6.4 km/h THW Index: -2.7°C
Barometer: 1026.2 hPa and Steady Heat Index: -1.1°C
Today's Rain: 0.0 mm Monthly Rain: 8.8 mm
Storm Total: 0.0 mm Yearly Rain: 700.8 mm
Current Rain Rate: 0.0 mm/hr Inside Temp: 22.3 °C

Sunrise: 7:45a     Sunset: 4:51p


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