Band Manager Installation Process

This page allows you to download the NEW Band Manager program
Latest release: July 2005

System Requirements
What's new?
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BEFORE YOU START INSTALLING BAND MANAGER: If you already have installed Band Manager (are upgrading to new version), make a backup of your previous program and your data before attempting to install the upgrade. The easiest way to back up your program is to make a copy of your entire Band Manager directory (includes data files in Userfile sub-directory) to another subdirectory in your hard drive or into another device (CD, Floppy). Once you are satisfied the new version is running properly and you have checked that you can access all your data files, then you can delete the directory with the old version.

Please read and follow the following steps in order to install the new version of Band Manager.


What to do?


Determine which version of Band Manager is currently running in your computer
NOTE: We provided two (2) differents files: An automatic installer (application) and a Compressed File (ZIP), however you need to download just one of them.



Installation Type


ZIP File

No Band Manager installed New Band Manager User or new installation Setup Zip
Band Manager 2.1 If you have a previous version of Band Manager (2.1) and want to use the new features of Band Manager 3, while keeping your existing data. Setup Zip
Band Manager 3 If you already installed Band Manager 3 on your computer and only want to benefit from the latest bug fixes. Setup Zip


If you select to download a ZIP file, un-compress (open, un-zip) the file all files into a temporary directory. Execute the SETUP application and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

If you selected the installer file, just execute the application and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

NOTE: Once the program is installed and running, you no longer need the files in the temporary directory and you can delete them if you wish.


Start Working with Band Manager

NOTE: If you have more than one copy of Band Manager running on the same computer but in different directories, you need to Upgrade each installation individually.

NOTE: If you are a new user, you need to set various options before you can start entering band information. These options are available under Utilities/Setup options. When you first run Band Manager the program will give you messages to walk you through the new user set up process.  For more information, please refer to the User's Manual.

NOTE: If you are a Windows XP, the distribution kit does not create an icon on the desktop. You need to create one manually by following the steps described in this FAQ