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trhe1.jpg (8388 bytes)The past few years have seen significant progress in the bird conservation community. The North American Waterfowl Management Plan is maturing as a model of successful conservation. Partners In Flight is making huge impact on landbird conservation in the United States and is beginning to gain significant ground in Canada. The Strategy for the Conservation of birds in Mexico is off to a dynamic start. Shorebird Conservation Plans are under development in the United States and Canada, and efforts have begun to plan for comprehensive protection for colonial waterbirds. The goal of the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) is to cause the combined effectiveness of these separate programs to far exceed the total of their parts.

In November 1998, nearly 120 leading conservationists from Mexico, the United States and Canada met to launch the initiative in November 1998 in Puebla, Mexico. Through their work in Puebla and thereafter, a strategy for the conservation of North American birds was developed. This strategy and a proposal for a 3-year work plan for the Commission for Environmental Cooperation in support of NABCI will be presented for approval to Ministers of the governments of Canada, the United States and Mexico in Banff Alberta, in June.

baor1.jpg (5610 bytes)The work plan calls for the development of National Steering Committees, the hiring of national coordinators, and tri-national coordination of the North American Bird Conservation Initiative. In Canada, an interim national steering committee has been established and made recommendations for the formation of a permanent NABCI steering committee. These recommendations will be considered by wildlife directors from across Canada, at their August 1999 annual meeting.



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