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National Marshbird Monitoring Program
Project name:
National Marshbird Monitoring Program

Project goal:
field-test marshbird monitoring protocols for eventual use in a continent-wide survey effort, evaluate effectiveness of call broadcast at increasing detection probability of certain species, provide estimates of population trends of marshbirds on lands managed by program participants, evaluate effects of wetland management practices on marshbirds

Project keywords:

Overall project description:

Status: Active

Year started: 1999
Year ended:
Comments: ongoing

Season(s) and frequency:
spring/summer; participants are asked to conduct 3 replicate surveys per year, but # replicates varies from 1-20

Geographic area covered:
All states

Important bird areas:

National parks and other protected areas:

Type of habitats:
freshwater and saltwater marshlands

Primary species covered:
secretive marshbirds are primary species, but secondary species include all species associated with marshlands

Methods with details of protocol and comments:
5-min point-count survey followed by a period of call-broadcast. Double-observer surveys at a subset of sites, distance sampling, removal models to estimate components of detection probability. Observers also record vegetation at each point, and land-use history (eg., fire history).

Sample design:

Data (format and access):
Microsoft ACCESS

Sample size:
currently data from over 2700 points

Results (format and publication/availability):

Trends and time series availability:

Relevant publications:
Conway 2003, Conway and Timmermans 2004

Funding source:

Lead Institution: Arizona Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Database custodian: No data custodian has been identified

Partner Institution(s):

Brief description of the application of the information derived from the monitoring effort:

Main user of monitoring information:
federal, state, and NGO agencies

People involved in monitoring:

Has any of the resulting monitoring information been used for a state of the environment assessment?
no, not to my knowledge - I don't even know what a state of the envmt assessment is!

Main problems, limitations, challenges and other comments:

Primary contact: Courtney Conway Arizona Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit , Tucson, AZ

Secondary contact: No secondary contact has been identified

Web site:

Summary created: 18/03/2004 by Courtney Conway
Summary last modified: 18/03/2004 by Courtney Conway


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