NORAC, the North American Ornithological Atlas Committee, facilitates and encourages the use of bird atlases for mapping and monitoring birds in the Americas, particularly to help with their conservation and management.

The role of NORAC includes providing information resources such as guidelines for atlasing standards, as well as regular means of communication between states, provinces and countries involved in and/or planning bird atlases. Communication tools include meetings, resources posted on this website, and the NORAC listserv.

Recent News:

Next meeting

Tuesday August 16th 2016
Washington, D.C., USA

This workshop will be an all-day meeting held in conjunction with NAOC VI.  See details here:

The final draft of NORAC's Atlas Handbook will be presented at the meeting, along with reports from active atlases, presentations on methodologies, and much more.  Please join us!

The NORAC website is hosted and maintained by Bird Studies Canada

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