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17 September 2004 
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Christmas Bird Count Numbers Up Again

17 September 2004 - The final numbers are in for the Christmas Bird Count of 2003-2004. A total of 11,750 people participated on 344 counts across the country, an increase of 65 participants and 10 counts over last year. On the bird side, 293 species were tallied, two more than last year, while the total number of individuals dropped slightly to 3.27 million, down from 3.39 million. When Bird Studies Canada took on the organization of this huge event, only 257 counts were sending in results from Canada, so enthusiasm continues to grow! To learn more about the Christmas Bird Count click here.

Canadian Wildlife Service Bids Farewell to George Finney

16 September 2004 - Friends and co-workers gathered in Sackville, NB to honour and say goodbye to Dr. George Finney. George has worked for the Canadian Wildlife Service of Environment Canada in Sackville since 1985. He is leaving his position as Regional Director of the Environmental Conservation Branch - Atlantic Region to take on the position of Bird Studies Canada's President as of 1 October. George, his wife Pat, and their three children will be missed in Sackville, but they are assured a very warm welcome at Bird Studies Canada's Headquarters office near Long Point, ON by all staff, volunteers, and members across Canada.

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Election of Directors Held at Annual Members Meeting

12 September 2004 - Bird Studies Canada’s (BSC’s) Annual Members Meeting was well attended on a beautiful late summer day. With seven positions available on BSC's Board of Directors and nine nominees, an election was called prior to the meeting. The response to the election call was impressive, with over 1200 members voting either in person or by proxy. As a result of the election, the Bird Studies Canada Board consists of the following Directors.

Newly elected: Dr. Arnold Boer, NB; Dr. Suzanne Carrière, NT; Dr. Fred Cooke, UK; Dr. Marcel Darveau, QC; Ms. Mary E. Gartshore, ON; Dr. Diana Hamilton, NB; and Mr. David Love, ON

Mid-term: Mr. George Clulow, BC; Mr. Jim Coutts, ON; Mr. Loney Dickson, AB; Mrs. Diane Griffin, PE; Mr. John Harrison, ON; Dr. Art Martell, BC; Dr. Kathy Martin, BC; Mr. Gerald McKeating, AB (ex officio); and Mr. John Spearn, ON

Bird Studies Canada wishes to thank retiring Directors Robert Carswell, Jim Murray, and Laura Talbot-Allan.

Colleagues and Friends Pay Tribute to 
Former BSC President, Michael Bradstreet

12 September 2004 - A humorous look back at Michael Bradstreet's contributions, abilities, and antics was a common thread that weaved through a special tribute luncheon that was held on his behalf at The Greens at Renton, near Simcoe, ON. Michael's exceptional drive to advance bird conservation efforts and build the organization now known as Bird Studies Canada was remembered by many of his colleagues and friends. But first, Lillian Bradstreet, Michael's mom, provided insight into how his life started, and how some things haven't changed. The Master of Ceremonies was John Lounds, President of the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Nearly 200 guests were entertained by the reflections and reminiscences of Mr. Jon McCracken, Ms. Caroline Schultz, Mr. Jim Matthews, Dr. Jane Bowles, Dr. Chip Weseloh, Dr. Bruce Falls, Mr. Harry Barrett, and Mrs. Diane Griffin. Michael is now the Ontario Region Director for the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

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George Pond Top Birdathon Fundraiser, Again!

10 September 2004 - Congratulations to Mr. George Pond, who was the number one fundraiser in Bird Studies Canada’s annual Baillie Birdathon. George has single-handedly raised more money than any other participant in the last 4 out of 5 years, breaking his own record in 2004 with over $8000 raised to date. George is from Simcoe, ON, and designates the Norfolk Field Naturalists to receive a portion of the funds he raises. Other top ten fundraisers include: Graeme Gibson the Elder and Margaret Atwood ($4951), Bruce and Ann Falls ($4932), Kevin Shackleton ($4044), Harry B. Barrett ($2891), Mark Cranford ($2143), Shelia Smith ($2066), Alan Robinson ($1985), Geoff Carpentier ($1718), and John B. Miles ($1682). Thanks to all of you for your outstanding effort! More details about the 2004 Baillie Birdathon, including a list of all prize winners, will be available with the next issue of Latest News, posted 1 October 2004.


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BSC to Help Reassess General Status of Nova Scotia's Birds

17 September 2004 - On 27-28 September, Bird Studies Canada's Atlantic Canada Program Manager, Becky Whittam, will be participating in meetings to reassess the General Status of birds in Nova Scotia. Species slated for reassessment include the Piping Plover, Roseate Tern, and Harlequin Duck, all nationally Endangered species that breed in Nova Scotia. For more information on the General Status of birds and other wild species in Nova Scotia, click here .

Banding Going Well at Vaseux Lake, BC

15 September 2004 - Dick Cannings, BSC’s British Columbia Program Manager, reports that banding at Vaseux Lake Bird Observatory in the Okanagan Valley, BC, is going well despite unusual weather. Damp, cool weather in September has brought birds out of the hills and into the valleys. So far, over 1100 birds of 50 species have been banded, which is as good as it gets at Vaseux. Early September was particularly exciting with three species observed that Dick has never seen in the Okanagan in his life - Blackpoll, Black-and-white, and Magnolia warblers were all seen in one day. As well, a Green Heron (3rd record for the Okanagan) was recorded on census the same day. To learn more about Vaseux Lake Bird Observatory, click here.

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TD Friends of the Environment Supports NB Owl Survey

15 September 2004 - The Moncton chapter of the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation has given $1000 to the New Brunswick Nocturnal Owl Survey for "Whoooo's in the woods? Educating New Brunswick Youth about Owls and Forest Conservation." The money will be used to produce educational materials for young owlers, including a website and an Owls of New Brunswick poster.

Loggerhead Shrike Recovery Milestone

10 September 2004 - The Loggerhead Shrike Recovery Team in Ontario released a number of captive-bred young shrikes this past summer at a number of locations. A nestling, which was banded on 4 August 2004 and released near Dyer's Bay on the Bruce Peninsula, was recovered during migration by Long Point Bird Observatory warden, Christian Friis, at the tip of Long Point on 5 September! After details were taken, the bird was released safely to continue its migration to parts unknown. It kindly left a frog behind for us in the mist net. This is the Loggerhead Shrike Recovery Team's first recovery outside the breeding season, and is proof that the captive-reared birds are exhibiting normal migratory behaviour.


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