Volunteering with BSC

Have you ever stopped to watch a bird? Or had your spirit lifted by its cheerful song? Perhaps you have taken a few solitary minutes to examine its unique colours and patterns, chuckle at its odd mannerisms, or marvel at its ability to fly.  

Watching birds is more popular than ever, and thousands of Canadian citizens are contributing their bird observation skills to science by participating in Bird Studies Canada's bird population surveys.  These "Citizen Scientists" provide a tremendous service to all Canadians by volunteering their time to track the health of bird populations.  

Not only are birds important in their own right, they also serve as early warning systems for problems in the environment we all share.  Peregrine Falcons signaled the cumulative effects of DDT, American Crows and Blue Jays reflect the spread of West Nile Virus, and many bird species are responding to perhaps the greatest challenge facing us now, global climate change. 

Bird Studies Canada coordinates bird surveys for many species, ultimately to keep common birds common, and draw attention to serious declines. Engaging volunteers In bird observations not only provides essential data, we believe that through understanding, comes appreciation, and ultimately the will to conserve Canada's wild birds.

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