Canadian Migration Monitoring Network

The Canadian Migration Monitoring Network (CMMN) involves the cooperation of many bird observatories across the country. Birds Canada is developing standards for data collection, preparing computer software to aid with data entry for migration counts, and developing analysis programs to calculate trends automatically using the data from each station. The stations, of course, are actively involved in the actual field work?counting and banding birds across the country. Much of this work is done by volunteers. You can find out more about the CMMN and the member stations by visiting the main CMMN web site.

This purpose of this web site, hosted on BSC's NatureCounts web site, is to provide results of CMMN population trend analysis and various other data summaries. Here are some of the tools currently available:

We expect to continue to work on the development of other interactive tools that use CMMN and other data as part of Birds Canada's involvement in the Avian Knowledge Network.