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Wetlands are valuable features of our landscape, providing human and environmental benefits such as improved water quality, water flow regulation, and habitat for a diverse array of plant and animal species. Marshes are among the most productive and widely distributed of all wetland types. However, over the last several decades, marsh habitats have been rapidly declining in number, size and quality throughout North America and particularly within the heavily populated Great Lakes basin. As a result, many marsh-dependent bird and amphibian species have become threatened and are in need of monitoring, protection and recovery efforts.

The Marsh Monitoring Program (MMP) is a long-term, Great Lakes basin-wide marsh bird and amphibian monitoring program that employs the skills and dedication of hundreds of citizen scientist volunteer participants to collect scientifically robust data. Since 1995, the program has provided information about long-term term trends in species diversity, occurrence and abundance. MMP data directly informs and guides conservation, restoration and management programs for marshes and their bird and amphibian inhabitants. Today, the MMP continues to develop and expand, further establishing the program as a trusted source for marsh bird and amphibian data in North America. More?.

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