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Fall 2018

We encourage all visitors to the Long Point area to stop by our facilities on Old Cut Blvd. and tell us what you have observed in the area during your visit.
You can also email your sightings directly to LPBO at

LPBO's Old Cut Research Station and Visitor Centre is open to the public during spring and fall migration (from April to mid-June, and early August to mid-November) from 9 a.m. until Noon.

The complete list of the birds of Long Point is available here.

Banding Totals

  Old Cut Breakwater Tip

Number banded for the period

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Season Total - - -

July - August 15

The fall migration monitoring season has kicked off here at Long Point Bird Observatory. It's been a dry and hot summer at Long Point, visible migration has been limited due to the weather. However the majority of our migrants as of late have been shorebirds and swallows. Each evening thousands of swallows can be observed heading to their roosting sites here at Long Point, offering quite a spectacle. Many noteworthy species have been observed over our summer break and who knows what will be found in the months to come. Banding takes place each morning (weather permitting) until November 15. Visitors are always welcome and daily birding hikes depart Old Cut one hour after sunrise. Follow @LongPointBirdOb on Twitter or Facebook at for daily updates on banding and birding at Long Point.

If you enjoy these summaries, please consider supporting the LPBO Cygnus Crusaders in the Great Canadian Birdathon -

American Golden-Plover - Two adult birds were observed along the south shore of Long Point August 4 with another August 11 (JBF, SAM).

Baird's Sandpiper - Two birds were seen along the south shore of Long Point August 11 (SAM).

Buff-breasted Sandpiper - One individual was seen along the south shore of Long Point August 11. (SAM).

Whimbrel - Several observations this month at Long Point. One bird was seen along the south shore of Long Point August 3, three more birds were seen at near Breakwater August 4 and a single bird at the Tip August 10 (SAM, JBF, MF).

Willet - Seven birds where observed a few KM west of Breakwater along the south shore August 4 (JBF, BB).

Lesser Black-backed Gull - One 3rd cycle bird was seen off the Tip August 11 (SAM).

King Rail - One bird was heard calling at Breakwater on August 8th with another at Big Creek August 13 (YSA, SAM).

Snowy Owl - One, possibly two, birds were present through July into early August providing Long Point's first summer records. One was most frequently observed near the Sandboy Marina until August 7 (M.Obs).

Fish Crow - One bird was harassed by American Crows at BSC headquarters July 20 (SAM, RR, SP).

Prairie Warbler - One was observed at the Tip during the Young Ornithologist Workshop August 8 (LPBO).

Dickcissel - A single flyby at the Tip August 3 (SAM).

Yellow-headed Blackbird - A male was found on Marina Road east of Port Rowan August 15 (LS).

Observers - Yousif Attia (YSA), Brodie Badcocks-Parks (BB), Myles Falconer (MF), Brett Fried (JBF), Stu Mackenzie (SAM), Steven Price (SP), Ron Ridout (RR), Linda Slade (LS) and Long Point Bird Observatory staff (LPBO).

Explore the Long Point Birding Trail. Updates of the birds in the area can be viewed through eBird on LPBO's main web-page. You can help contribute to sightings in the Long Point area by submitting your sightings to eBird or by sharing them with us at For more information on the research, education, and training programs of LPBO select this link and check out the 2016 LPBO Program Report. Your best source for information about the birds and birding sites around Long Point can be found in A Birding Guide to the Long Point Area by Ron Ridout, available at the LPBO Shoppe and BSC headquarters.




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