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Neonics Harm the Birds AND the Bees

12 September 2019 – Results of a new study just published in the journal Science indicate that widespread use of a neonicotinoid insecticide could be contributing to steep declines in songbird populations.


Bicknell’s Thrush, State of Canada’s Birds Were Focal Points at Recent Meeting

10 September 2019 – Six Bird Studies Canada staff recently attended the 37th Meeting of the Society of Canadian Ornithologists in Québec City. They greatly enjoyed connecting with fellow researchers and having the opportunity to share their work.

How do Recent Changes in Lake Erie Affect Birds?

27 August 2019 – Recently we are hearing about harmful algal blooms, botulism, invasive species, climate change impacts, and other issues. You may be wondering why this is and what it means for birds.


Building Support for Newfoundland’s First Breeding Bird Atlas

23 August 2019 – Bird Studies Canada has begun a pilot project to assess the feasibility of developing the First Breeding Bird Atlas of Newfoundland.

Thanks for Sharing Your Favourite Birding Spots

23 August 2019 – We invited you to tell us about favourite birding spots on Instagram, and your contributions made for fascinating reading! From July 15 – August 15, more than 60 of you chimed in with your special places as part of Bird Studies Canada’s “Best Places to Bird in Canada” contest sponsored by Greystone Books.

Atlas Effort Building Community in Saskatchewan

23 August 2019 – The hardworking staff and volunteers involved in the Saskatchewan Breeding Bird Atlas are wrapping up the project’s third out of five field seasons. Since the Atlas began, 226 people have contributed over 14,000 checklists, reporting observations of 268 bird species breeding in the province! (Photo: Jacqueline Roy)


Ornithology in the Era of New Technologies

23 August 2019 – A number of recent technological advances are proving key to designing effective conservation solutions for birds. It therefore seems highly appropriate that the organizers of the 37th Meeting of the Society of Canadian Ornithologists, to be held in Québec City from August 27-30, 2019, selected "Ornithology in the era of new technologies" as the conference theme.


Volunteer to Keep an Eye on BC’s Coast, Enjoy Sea Air, and Sharpen ID Skills

22 August 2019 – Bird Studies Canada was excited this past spring to complete the 20th season of our British Columbia Coastal Waterbird Survey – thanks to our amazing volunteers! And as the start of another season approaches on September 8, 2019, we are looking for more volunteers to join this important bird monitoring effort.

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