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Hooded Warbler

The Hooded Warbler (Wilsonia citrina) is listed as a Threatened species in Canada because the small Canadian population of this area sensitive species is almost exclusively limited to the highly fragmented Carolinian Forest Zone of southwestern Ontario. To address concerns about the long-term viability of the Canadian Hooded Warbler population, Bird Studies Canada in partnership with the National Acadian Flycatcher/Hooded Warbler Recovery Team, began intensive annual monitoring of the Hooded Warbler population in St. Williams Forest in 1999. St. Williams Forest is one of the largest forest tracts within the Carolinian Zone and supports a large proportion of the Canadian Hooded Warbler population. This makes it an ideal site to investigate Hooded Warbler population dynamics and identify factors affecting productivity and survival rates.

The long-term objectives of the St.Williams Hooded Warbler research project are to monitor annual productivity, predation rates, parasitism rates, and return rates of banded birds, and to collect information on nest site characteristics and habitat selection. By collecting this information, Bird Studies Canada and the recovery team hopes to further our understanding of the factors affecting Hooded Warbler productivity and survival rates, which will assist in the conservation and protection of Hooded Warblers in Canada.

A report summarizing the latest study can be downloaded from the BSC publications library.



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