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Barn Swallows
Barn Swallow. Photo: Katsura Miyamoto


How Can I Help Barn Swallows?

You can volunteer as a Barn Swallow monitor or steward - or both!

Monitor Barn Swallows

Volunteers identify and report roosting sites, and structures being used by Barn Swallows for nesting. This information helps us improve monitoring and stewardship efforts.

Contact us to learn more about how you can contribute. Please report your observations online.

Steward Barn Swallows

Be a Good Barn Swallow "Host"

Barn Swallows nest on human-made structures in locations close to foraging habitat (open and semi-open land such as grasslands, farmland, wetlands, open water, and highways). They choose structures with an overhang to provide protection, a ledge (can be as small as a wire or nail) to support the nest, and a rough vertical surface to which a nest can be attached.

There are many simple steps you can take to be a good host to Barn Swallows: leave doors and windows of your structure (such as a barn or shed) open at all times, and provide a source of mud. You can create additional nesting sites for Barn Swallows by putting up nesting cups or ledges in or on the outside of a structure. As old buildings deteriorate and are demolished, artificial nesting structures for Barn Swallows can be constructed to replace lost breeding habitat.

Read more tips in our printable factsheet, "How to be a Good Barn Swallow Host"

Contact us for more information about becoming a Barn Swallow steward.

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