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Northwest Territories Nocturnal Owl Survey

The Northwest Territories joined the Bird Studies Canada Nocturnal Owl Survey Program from 2003-2007, and surveys resumed in 2019. The NWT is home to eight species of owls: the Great Horned, Great Gray, Long-eared, Boreal and Barred Owl are nocturnal, and the Short-eared, Snowy, and Northern Hawk Owl are diurnal (more visible during the day). The Long-eared and Barred Owl have undetermined status in NT in that there is insufficient information to determine their distribution, abundance, or population trends. The goal of the nocturnal survey is to collect information on the distribution, abundance, and trends of nocturnal owls in the NT. Our data contribute to the national Nocturnal Owl Survey program.

For information on how to get involved, please contact:

Graham Sorenson
BC Projects Coordinator (and Yukon/NWT owl surveys)

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