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Saskatchewan Nocturnal Owl Survey

In Saskatchewan, non-standardized owl surveys were conducted along road routes from 1974 through 1999. The standardized Saskatchewan Nocturnal Owl Survey (SNOS) has been conducted annually since the spring of 2000. Since that time about 35 participants have surveyed almost 30 routes. Most routes have been surveyed in the Boreal Forest of the province with a few conducted in the Aspen Parkland. Saskatchewan is home to 11 species of owls at different times of the year, seven of these can be heard on nocturnal owls surveys: Long-eared, Barred, Great Gray, Boreal, Northern Saw-whet, Eastern Screech, and Great Horned owls. 

The SNOS was previously coordinated by the late Wayne Harris of SERM, followed by Alan R. Smith of Environment Canada. The SNOS is currently coordinated by the Saskatchewan Breeding Bird Atlas team. If you are interested in participating in owl surveys, or would like more information, please contact:  

LeeAnn Latremouille
Bird Studies Canada - Saskatchewan,
115 Perimeter Road Saskatoon, SK S7N 0X4
Phone: (306) 249-2894 or Toll-free: 1-844-369-2894


Click here to visit the SK Nocturnal Owl Survey NatureCounts portal to sign up, download survey materials, and enter data. To view the locations of available survey routes click here.

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