How Can You Help?

There are presently almost 300 survey routes across Ontario. Every year some routes become available because the previous surveyor is no longer able to run their route. If there are no routes available near you, we can put you on a waiting list for routes in your area. To see route availability in your area visit our interactive Nocturnal Owl Survey Route Map .

We currently have poor coverage in the far northern part of the province (Moosonee, Armstrong, Red Lake, etc.), so if you can help us out in these areas, please give us a call. Even if you live in an area without accessible roads, the survey can be done by ATV or snow machine.

All owl surveyors will receive a kit that includes survey instructions, data sheets, a training tape, a broadcast tape, and a map of their route. Volunteers must have access to a vehicle, a portable stereo/tape recorder, a flashlight and a compass. For more information on the owl survey, follow the link to Frequently Asked Questions.